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Updates on Legislation
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Effort to Reduce Size of Legislature Passes House
I joined in efforts this week to pass House Bill 153, legislation intended to streamline and improve efficiency of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Upon becoming law, the bill will allow the voters of the state, via a referendum on Election Day, to decide if both the House and Senate should be reduced in size.

Specifically, the bill proposes to reduce the House from 203 to 151 members and the Senate from 50 members to 38.

The bill is now with the state Senate for its consideration and possible vote to agree with us in the House. Depending upon certain Senate actions and votes, the referendum conceivably could be appear on the ballot this fall.

Protecting Consumers from Personal Information Security Breaches
To help protect consumers from having their personal information stolen or used fraudulently, the House passed two bills this week to address data breaches.

House Bill 1846 would require that residents of the Commonwealth be notified within 45 days when there is a breach of security of a system. The notice must be in plain language, and include the date of the breach, the type of information subject to the breach, and toll-free numbers to credit reporting agencies.

House Bill 1847 would waive the current fee to freeze a credit report should a data breach occur. In the instance of a data breach, consumers would be provided with three months of free credit monitoring and up to three free credit reports for one calendar year after the date the breach is reported.

Citizens are urged to be proactive in monitoring their credit reports and financial account statements, such as credit cards and utilities, by clicking here. To report any suspicious activity, call the attorney general office’s hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or
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